Ferrous Sulphate

Ferrous Sulphate for pharmaceutical, water treatment, Industrial & Agricultural

Ferrous Sulphate has a chemical name iron sulphate or iron (II) sulphate. FeSo4 is a kind of non-reactive chemical compound used in Pharmaceuticals, Food industry & Agricultural Industry. ferrous sulfate similar to ferric sulphate is used to purify waste by flocculation with the help of Jar test Apparatus. It is easily oxidized when coming into the presence of moist air and converted into brown colour from greenish. Ferrous Sulphate is also is known as iron salts & Green Vitriol because of its colour and crystalline form.  It has many medication advantages in anaemia, iron therapy and pregnancy.

It decomposes easily when coming into the contact of heat and releases toxic fumes like sulphur dioxide SO2. we manufacture and supply Ferrous Sulphate for many kinds of applications. User demands and we supply high quality with 95% purity chemical as per the need. FeSo4 is the only Chemical which has many uses in comparison of other solid Salts. we Supply ferrous Sulphate at a reasonable price with timely delivery.

Ferrous Sulphate Chemical Properties
  • Molecular Formula – FeSO4, FeO4 S
  • Molecular Weight – 151.901 g/Mol
  • Molecular Weight – 278.00
  • Melting point – 64°C
  • Colour – Greenish or yellow-brown crystalline solid
  • Water Solubility – 48.6 g/ 100 g


  • Fertilizer Ingredient
  • Sewage Treatment (ETP & STP)
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food industry
  • Agriculture industry

We are leading manufacturer of ferrous sulphate in North India Since 1995. We are offering all type of ferrous sulphate chemicals to our clients. Most of the reputed pharmaceutical & agricultural Companies are using Yatherm ferrous Sulphate.

Our Offerings of Ferrous Sulphate

  •  Semi-dried Form
  • Pure grade
  • Monohydrate Form
  • 19% of Ferrous Sulphate
  • Anhydrous Form
  • Powder Form


 Semi-dried Ferrous Sulphate

We are reckoning for ferrous sulphate manufacturer and supplier in India with timely delivery. Our chemicals produce accurate results in industrial fields.  Semi-dried ferrous sulphate used in the pharmaceutical industry for making tablets. Our Chemicals are manufactured from Japanese technology by an experienced team under the supervision of Chemical Engineers.

Ferrous Sulphate Specification
Packaging Size 50 kg & 100 Kg
PH Value 3.25 – 3.50
Solubility 50 % Insoluble
Purity 95 – 96
Colour Green
Physical State Crystals
Grade Standard Pure Industrial Grade
Form Crystalline
Packaging Type Bag

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