About Us


YATHERM SCIENTIFIC” is a known brand in the field of Scientific Equipment used for various applications in Universities , Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals, Research Industries and Public Sectors performed in various spheres of Industrial and Institutional applications. We represent the latest and directive technologies and incorporate and up to date know how of available modern techniques and innovation accessible to us.  The dedicated and cumulative efforts of “YATHERM SCIENTIFIC” team members has produced and delivered the comprehensive range of scientific and laboratory equipment’s.



Our commitment to quality is unflinching, our hunger for With over a decade of industry experience in manufacturing wide variety/range of scientific laboratory equipment’s, we have established ourselves with the name of “YATHERM SCIENTIFIC”  to provide highest quality equipment’s for various applications. We represent latest and directive technologies and incorporate an up to date know how of modern techniques, through our partners worldwide. We manufacture an International quality product and make them available in the market at economical prices. Growth is deep-rooted and our capacity for details is amazing.

YATHERM SCIENTIFIC” is a name of quality and quick service, an asset to Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Tissue culture, Bio-fertilizer Laboratories and research institutes with modest sterilizing needs, where contaminated objects require sterilization. Over the decade, we have made its primary objectives to help fight the spread of infections, caused by pathogenic micro-organisms. We are determined to improve productivity and focus continuously on innovation and up-gradation of our products and people.



The company has built and is operating manufacturing facilities that matches the latest systems and techniques in the industry, having units in New Delhi and UP (India). The Company also has an associate unit in Henan PRC. Our team strictly follows the quality control standards of ISO & CE while designing, developing, manufacturing and delivering the scientific instruments. The manufacturing unit of “YATHERM” is made with complete state-of-the-art equipment’s and technologies for producing high quality instruments.

We have company owned sales offices in Noida (India) and Tanzania besides having representation in 45 other countries. We also have the post sales technical backup system in four places in India and are in the process of further developing them to assist the customers for post sales services.



“YATHERM SCIENTIFIC” design and develop a complete range of scientific and laboratory research instruments with the highest quality standards. We constantly update technologies and methodologies to ensure reliability and consistency at each level of instruments production. Our transparent auditing system is supported by Duns & Bradstreet International, as we want to deliver the world class quality instruments to all our national and international clients. We feel proud that our entire product range has brought satisfactory results for the corporate and public sector clients.



Our wide array of products is categorized into Test Chambers, Laboratory Equipment’s, Sieve Shaker, Sterilizers, Clean Room Equipment’s, Furnaces, Flocculator , Bath and chillers, Laboratory Water Solutions and Measuring Meters. All our products ensure accuracy and conformity for significant experiments.



We strive hard to cater to our clients with the best product range and services while meeting international standards. Our aim is to meet the overwhelming demand of the scientific community and provide them with world class quality scientific instruments along with the best after sale support.



The continuous cooperation and support of our professional team has helped us to understand and deliver state of the art scientific instruments right from basic lab equipment to most sophisticated instruments for research labs. We believe that our tremendous success belongs to our expert engineers, managers, co-workers and other significant team members who have put their best efforts in the growth of the organization. It is their dedication and commitment that makes us the most trusted scientific instruments brand among our all satisfied clients.