Lab Deep Freezers

Laboratory Deep Freezers (Ultra-Low lab Freezers -20°c,  -40 °C ,   -60 °C, -80 °C ,  -86 °C)

Yatherm laboratory ultra-low upright freezers are designed to protect samples, culture, and media for storage of bone graft, stem cells, plasma, virus, and many biological samples with advanced features like low power consumption and speedy temperature pull down. These freezers come in horizontal and vertical designs as per the requirement of customer specifications.

We manufacture all types of laboratory freezers, ultra-low freezers, chest freezer & Blast freezers. we offer a wide range of operating temperatures to our client for the storage of perishable goods. Ultra freezers are used to store the biological & chemical material for long time storage purpose which has nothing to do with cooling. Cooling and storage at low temperature are two different things. Most Importantly biological samples need a cold environment for storage purposes.

Yatherm offers LN2 ( liquid nitrogen ) Back up system & Co2 ( carbon dioxide) back Up system for ultra-low freezers range -70 to -86 ° C. This is a kind of back up support system in case of power failure. We use the LN2 controller which is used to purge Nitrogen gas from the Nitrogen cylinder for maintaining the low temperature in deep freezers.

Ultra-low lab freezers are made with a complete SS chamber to avoid rusting and contamination. This machine comes with 21 CFR compliance & real-time graph and data recording facility. Yatherm Scientific manufactures & offers high quality made In India product with the best price in India. Yatherm laboratory Deep freezers come in Touch panel with PLC and data logging facility to enhance advanced user experience. There is a huge difference in the regular deep freezer and laboratory deep freezer like Laboratory deep Freezer come with complete SS 304 chamber. All laboratory deep freezers are equipped with a microprocessor-based PID controller that features low and high alarm.


  • Sufficient Insulation to avoid temperature loss
  • CFC/HCFC free Compressor
  • Hotline across the door assembly to prevent frost formation
  • Cascade featured Compressor
  • High-quality silicon rubber gasket
  • Smart Handle
  • LED door closure indication
  • Password protection
  • 21 CFR compliance
  • Audio-Visual alarms for Safety
    • Temperature high/low
    • Power failure
    • Battery Low
    • Door Open
    • Power on (only visual)
  • Settable points of the controller
    • Temperature high/low
    • High /low-temperature alarm point
    • Buzzer off time
  • Motor
    • Yatherm Models has ½ HP Motor fitted on top for uniform cooling.

User Demands and We Customize (Applications)

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Hospital
  • Research & Development Labs
  • Medical Use
  • Blood Storage Bank
  • IVF centers
  • Storage of seafood
  • Production Facility
  • Aviation Sector

Our Ultra Low Freezers comes with a customized number of compartments that have a locked facility to retain the temperature of other compartments while one is in an open condition. Our freezers have a double door facility where one is an insulated steel door and the other is a transparent door for a sample view.

Standard Size available

50 L, 100 L, 150 L, 200 L, 300 L, 400 L, 500 L to 1000 L

We design and manufactures standard & customized sizes with tailor-made additional features.

Standard Temperature range

-10 °C , -20 °C,  -40 °C , -60 °C  , -80 °C , -86 °C

These are the range for Chest and vertical deep freezers with dual compressor facility in lower temperature ranges.

Dimension Matrix – Vertical Upright Freezers
Model Volume (Liters) Dimensions (mm)
Coolex 100 100 Liters 450 x 450 x 500
Coolex 200 216 Liters 600 x 600 x 600
Coolex 340 340 Liters 900 x 620 x 610
Coolex 500 500 Liters 1200 x 620 x 675
Coolex 700 700 Liters 1200 x 760 x 770
Horizontal Chest Type Freezer


Horizontal Deep Freezer – Chest Type
Model No. Coolex-185C Coolex-250C Coolex-340C Coolex-450C
Volume (Liters) 185 Liters 250 Liters 340 Liters 450 Liters
Volume (Cu. Ft.) 7 Cu. Ft. 9 Cu. Ft. 12 Cu. Ft. 16 Cu. Ft.
Inner Chamber Size (H x W x D) mm 380 x 1180 x 420 380 x 1180 x 550 450 x 1250 x 600 600 x 1250 x 600

Deep freezer Technical Specification

Volume (Liters) 20 liters to 1000 Liters
Temperature range 0°C  to -86°C
Temperature controller PID controller
External case GI Powder Coated
Internal chamber SS 304
Wheels lockable Castor wheels
Door Hotline across the Door with Key Lock
Compartments 1,2,3,4,5,6
Trays Perforated SS trays
Cooling System CFC/HCFC free
Optional LN2 Backup system, CO2 backup system, Datalogger, Temperature chart recorder, RS485 system, Cryo  gloves, PLC & HMI



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