Blanket and Fluid Warmer Cabinet – Vital Equipment for Hospitals and Clinics

Blanket and fluid warmer cabinet has become a necessity in many leading healthcare facilities. Let’s discuss it thoroughly in this blog.

Almost all medical professionals understand the importance of getting their healthcare facilities equipped with the best possible equipment.  Of course, this is crucial to take care of their patients and provide them with a pain-free and comfortable environment to stay. The blanket and fluid warmer cabinet is also a very important item used in many clinics and hospitals to keep fluids and blanket warm to help their patients. Also known as fluid warmers or fluid warming cabinets, this medical equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel.

These cabinets also come with a digital temperature controller and a forced air circulation system. The availability of this equipment in different design configurations and sizes makes it easier for individuals to choose the product as per their specific needs and budget.  Healthcare facilities use them for keeping different items, including intravenous fluids, gel pads, blanket bags and bottles, blankets as well as dialysis and irrigation fluids, etc.

Choose Fluid Warmer Cabinet with WHO Standards

It is imperative for medical facilities to store blanket products and IV Fluids safely. Fluid warmers with WHO standards make sure that various kinds of blanket products and IV fluids are warmed and stored at a standard temperature of 37 °C to 60 °C.  For this purpose, you can rely on Yatherm Scientific, which is undoubtedly a leader in manufacturing customized and standard blanket warmer cabinets at very reasonable prices. This medical equipment complies 21 CFR part 11 for Temperature Controller.

Is it Possible to Get Real-Time Data Acquisition?

The warmer cabinets supplied and manufactured by Yatherm Scientific are incorporated with the full and easy-to-operate automatic temperature controller, timer and a USB port that makes it convenient for the users to obtain real-time data acquisition in the shortest time possible. The availability of an air circulation fan attached as an inbuilt feature helps medical professionals to attain the uniform temperature with Fin Type air heaters.

These cabinets are also equipped with a neoprene gasket, which protects the equipment against the temperature loss and any kind of leakage. The amazing features like user-friendliness, light weight and compactness make their blanket warming cabinets most in-demand equipment of the healthcare industry.

What’s Inside the Fluid Warmer Cabinet?

The primary purpose of using fluid warmer cabinets is to warm fluids before inserting into the human body. The placement of the blankets takes place in one chamber while the placement of fluids occurs in another chamber in dual chamber cabinets. You can find out combination warming cabinets in big sizes above 200 ltrs capacity with the availability of the finest dual controller.

Feel free to set the temperature of each chamber as per your need! Get the customized and standard fluid warmer and blanket warmer cabinets at economical prices in India from Yatherm!

Final Conclusion: Although countless Blanket and fluid warmer cabinet providers are available in the market, we definitely recommend you to consult Yatherm Scientific to crack the best deal at best prices. Good luck for a happy shopping!

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