Hot Air Oven Working Principle Along With its Amazing Benefits

Hot air oven is equipment that is highly prized for being used in pharmaceutical laboratories as well as other material testing labs. The regularly improving awareness about the dry sterilization process among professionals associated with laboratories and research centers, the demand of laboratory hot air oven has been increased in the last few years.

Discuss the Principle Here On Which It Actually Works

A gravity air convention found in an electrically heated chamber is primarily responsible for the working principle of the laboratory ovens. The heat created in the chamber is a result of the installation of various advanced components in the machine. The presence of temperature preset function, PT 100 sensors, PID controlled, automatic control unit and two jacket designs make sure that the machine works in the optimum possible way by allowing it to get the normal temperature back when the material testing is done.

The primary job of designing this heating equipment is to simplify the process of dry sterilization while conducting the pre-treatment of different types of materials such as plastic, rubber, etc.

The flow of air occurs in a forced circulation manner to distribute the heat equally in every corner inside the chamber. As soon as the air becomes hot, it turns into very light and starts moving in the upward direction.

At the top of the chamber there is a fan, which pushes this air back towards the bottom direction. This results in generating the needful circular motion inside the chamber while allowing the cabinet to witness a steady circular flow of the air. The process is done inside the cabinet actually helps professionals to create the maximum possible temperature.

Make sure not to take your articles out of the cabinet immediately right after getting it sterilized. Wait for returning the hot air oven instrument to its normal temperature in order to avoid any discrepancies during the process.

Major Benefits of Installing Hot Air Ovens

  • Wet sterilization is not perfect for all the articles/materials. You can use this instrument for different materials like powder and oil, which are more likely prone to getting spoiled if they are wet sterilized.
  • No need to dismantle the articles since it is exposed to an environment which contains the high temperature for the good time.
  • Dry sterilization is found to be perfect even for the metal equipment, which is more likely to be corroded during the wet sterilization.
  • Operator can also use the dry sterilization.

Take These Precautions before Beginning the Process

  • Avoid keeping the article directly on the floor due to the high temperature from where it is taken out.
  • Make sure to wrap the glass apparatus with a clean and dry cloth.
  • Every chamber comes with a prescribed limit. So, check the instructions twice before loading the chamber.

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