Install a Pass Box to Prevent the Contaminated Air in Your Clean Room

Many pharmaceutical manufacturing industries use pass boxes to conduct the transferring of a particular material between two cleanliness levels (right from the lower cleanliness area to the higher one or vice-versa in the classified area). Pass box is used to bridge the gap between the two cleanliness level areas.

This clean room equipment makes it easier for the manufacturing area to receive the material and asks the professionals to perform various jobs, including blending, sterilization and granulation. The appropriate transferring of the material also helps the microbiology laboratory to perform the functions like incubation and sterilization. In several cases, these boxes are also used to transfer the equipment parts in sterile manufacturing areas.

It is quite imperative to stop the air moving from one area to another when the process of transferring the material is going on. Pass boxes are a perfect solution for this purpose. The opening of both the doors of the boxes can’t take place simultaneously since its only door can be opened at a time. These boxes come with an interlocking system.

Types of Pass Boxes

They are available in the market majorly in two types on the basis of their sizes and configurations.

Dynamic Pass Box

The working system of this box is just similar to the airlock or laminar air flow unit. This type of box is designed in a way so that the transferring of the material takes place without much personnel movement. The entry of the clean air is welcomed only by the box; there is no space for the contaminated air. This is done with an objective to continue the integrity of processes and products stored in the boxes. It is not at all easy to control the personnel movement for a user.

These boxes are made of using the powder coated (304/316/316 L) high grades stainless steel along with the combination of international quality standard components. The fine dynamic box manufactured and supplied by a reputed firm makes sure that the users can transfer the material into the contaminated-free environment without much personnel movement.

Static Pass Box

Also known as passive pass boxes, static boxes are kind of simple boxes that are also very useful in eradicating pollutants completely from the air. Various manufacturing industries install these boxes to provide their professionals with dust and another contaminants-free environment. The high-quality powder-coated 304/316 grade stainless steel is used in the fabrication of these boxes.

These boxes also come with fluorescent light, Ultra-violet light along with an hour meter and a buzzer indicator through which users know the status of the material kept inside the box. The availability of many other exciting features attached to these units allows them to provide the matchless working performance in the clean room unit.

The installation of Ultra-violet light in these boxes ensures the proper and accurate removal of the contamination while the transfer of material is on.

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